Autism Awareness

Autism Awareness

For many of us, the prospect of going on an aeroplane, especially for the first time, can be daunting in itself. For those with children, it can be even more of an ordeal – trying to settle nerves, control excitement and quell the fear of the unknown. For those with children on the autistic spectrum, however, the idea of having to travel on an aeroplane can be frighteningly overwhelming.

Here at Belfast International Airport we want to turn that daunting experience into a memorable one.

Like any children, there are those on the autistic spectrum to whom flying poses no problem. For some little ones, however, routine and consistency is crucial to their everyday lives and the thought of doing something as out-of-the-ordinary as flying can be very upsetting altogether.

‘First impressions are very important and so, by offering "Suzie Goes on an Aeroplane" Belfast International Airport is providing a practical introduction to flying for children on the autism spectrum.’

Charlotte Olsen, a mother herself, is the author of the ‘Suzie Books’ collection, written to assist parents of children on the autistic spectrum in explaining new concepts and experiences to their children.

The latest book, ‘Suzie Goes on an Aeroplane’, is being offered by Belfast International Airport, free of charge, to help support parents who will be flying from the airport with children on the autism spectrum.

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