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Causeway Lounge

Please be aware of the earlier closure on a Saturday when booking or planning your trip

The Causeway Lounge gently reflects the shape of the iconic north coast landmark, you'll find us just past tax free shopping, located centrally to domestic and international boarding gates, and we're open to passengers travelling with any airline, on any ticket type.

Facilities & Offering

On Arrival guests will be greeted by a receptionist, checked in and allowed to seat themselves at their convenience.

Guests can simply pay on arrival.

Our lounge brings with it all the facilities you want to see, to enhance your stay, including Hi-speed wi-fi, power outlets and TV.

Our self-serve buffet counter boasts a variety of treats and bites. Guests can also enjoy a freshly ground coffee, specialty tea or soft drink - or even pour a drink of choice - from our complimentary bar area.

We operate a silent lounge for your peace and comfort but departure screens are available around the lounge to ensure you make that all important flight.


Opening Hours

Monday - Friday: 5am - 8pm

Saturday: 5am - 6pm

Sunday: 5am - 8pm

*Please note that Last Entry to Lounge is 15 minutes before closing and all opening hours are subject to change.


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