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Last Updated: 19/02/2020 22:04:04

Airline From Flight No. Scheduled Status
Malaga EZY6756 21:30 ARRIVED
London Stansted EZY267 21:35 ARRIVED
Paris EZY6724 21:35 ARRIVED
Birmingham EZY198 22:05 ARRIVED
Liverpool EZY601 07:30
Edinburgh EZY482 07:50
Airline To Flight No. Scheduled Status
London Stansted EZY254 06:00 CHECK-IN OPENS 04:00
London Gatwick EZY830 06:35
Manchester EZY130 07:00
Krakow EZY6783 07:00
Faro EZY6793 07:00
Salzburg EZY6787 07:30

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