General FAQs

Our aim is to help you as quickly and efficiently as possible, we have added a number of Frequently Asked Questions to help you with your journey through Belfast International Airport.

General FAQs

Please check the instructions on your airline ticket and from your travel agent or booking website. If you are still unsure please check with your airline directly. We generally advise passengers to arrive 2 hours prior departure however some airlines may advise you to arrive earlier than this.

Most airlines permit pregnant women to fly up until the 36th week of pregnancy, after this expectant mothers are advised not to fly.

Between 28 and 36 weeks most airlines will require you to obtain a medical certificate from your GP stating how many weeks pregnant you are and that you are fit to fly.

Exact regulations vary from airline to airline, therefore it is worth contacting your airline directly prior to travel.

You should be able to fly if you have a broken limb however certain restrictions may apply, you may also be required to provide a medical certificate. Please visit your airline's website or contact them directly for more information before you fly.

Special assistance is provided free of charge at the airport. You are advised to contact your airline informing them of your needs prior to travel, in most cases this can be done at the time of booking. For more information visit our special assistance page.

You will require a passport for all international travel. For domestic travel you will be required to have some form of photographic identification such as a passport or driving licence, however check with your airline before you fly for details on what they will accept.

For the majority of flights check-in desks open 2 hours before the scheduled departure time of your flight. For transatlantic flights check-in desks open 3 hours before the flight. Passengers must allow adequate time to complete the check-in process and proceed through security.

Please note that check-in desks close between 40 minutes to an hour before the scheduled departure time depending on your airline, passengers arriving after this time will be denied boarding.

Hand baggage allowances vary from airline to airline, however this information should be printed on your booking confirmation or flight ticket. Please visit your airline's website or contact them directly for more information. For airline contact details please click here.

As an airport, our first commitment, as always, is to passenger safety and security. Drones that are used in the vicinity of the airport require permission from Air Traffic Control to ensure they don’t interfere with aircraft movements.

For more information on flying drones please visit

You cannot smoke or vape in the airport building or while outdoors approaching or leaving the aircraft.

There is a smoking gallery available in Belfast International Airports Departure Lounge, more information can be found here.