Friends of the Cancer Centre

Some of us will already have experienced the help that Friends of the Cancer Centre offer patients, family and friends of those who visit the Cancer Centre at Belfast City Hospital.

Often, while we see the bigger elements of care provided for cancer patients, we don’t often think about the smaller things that help to pass the time and make the experience as stress free as possible.

Recently, our ongoing partnership with Friends of the Cancer Centre saw us present a donation of £6,410 to the Friends. This was raised through a number of events and, in particular, from our outdoor ‘Mellow Yellow Tea Party’.

This money will be used to help in many different ways.

For example, every year thousands of people attend the Bridgewater Suite at Belfast City Hospital for chemotherapy and review appointments and it can often be a long wait for many.

Did you know that, to help pass the time, Friends of the Cancer Centre offers everyone a complimentary cup of tea or coffee and a free newspaper or magazine.  

Belfast International Airport's donation of £6,410.57 could help Friends of the Cancer Centre provide a welcoming cup of tea or coffee to over 27,000 people attending for treatment or assessment in the Bridgewater Suite this year.

Jaclyn Coulter, Head of HR, at the airport said: “ We are delighted to present a cheque to the Friends of the Cancer Centre, as part of our 2-year support programme. This ‘helping hand’ will enable the Friends to help even more patients and families who use the Cancer Centre.”

Receiving the cheque, Ana Wilkinson, Corporate Fundraising Manager from Friends of the Cancer Centre, said: “Our thanks go to Belfast International Airport and their employees for the support they are giving us. The donation will go to good use in helping cancer patients and their families as they receive care.”