Your first step after arriving at Belfast International is to clear passport control. Our Border Force officers check 100% of arriving passenger's passports to help keep the UK safe and secure. Using the tips guide we hope to make this experience as a quick and efficient as possible.

Visit our Access Guide on the AccessAble for passport control on our website.

1. Have your passport open at the photo page and remove any holders or covers.

2. Please remove all hats and sunglasses.

3. Stay together if you're travelling as a family.

4. Have your passport ready and keep an eye out for the next available Border Force officer.

Travelling with a child with a different surname

If you are travelling with a child - that's anyone under 18 - and are not the child's parent, or may appear not to be the parent (for example, if you have a different family name), the border officer may ask you a few questions to establish your relationship with the child.

It will help avoid confusion if you carry evidence of your relationship with the child and/or the reason why you are travelling with the child.

This evidence could include copies of:

  • A birth or adoption certificate showing your relationship with the child.
  • Divorce / marriage certificates if you are the parent but have a different surname to the child.
  • A letter from the child’s parent/s giving authority for the child to travel with you and providing contact details if you are not the parent.