Parking FAQ's

Everything you need to know about Car parking at Belfast International. The downloadable map below shows the location of all the different car parks tailored to suit the needs of all our valued passengers.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are 4 easy steps to successfully make a booking using the booking banner above;

  1. Using the calendar picker & 24-hour clock, select your date and times for arrival & departure.
  2. Complete your customer details including vehicle registration
  3. Complete your payment details
  4. Receive confirmation email

 (Remember your confirmation email (Print out/Mobile), as you may need this for proof of purchase)

Yes, you can make a car park booking up to 4 hours before your entry into Belfast International Airport , subject to availability. Book in advance for best prices.


You can make a booking up to 6 months in advance of your travel date, subject to availability

Pre-booked car parking prices are based on a 24 hour period or part thereof. The number of days charged for when a customer pre-books is calculated based on the dates and times selected when making the booking.

Belfast International Airport accepts the following credit and debit cards online;


  • Mastercard Credit
  • Mastercard Debit
  • Visa Credit Card,
  • Visa Debit Card

Yes - All changes and cancellations have to be made 24 hours before your chosen day and time of arrival.

Apart from that, you can change or cancel the booking by clicking here, logging into your account via your username address and password and following the steps provided.

For a help guide on how to cancel/amend a booking please see our 'How to 'Manage your Car Park Booking' Guide.

You can cancel or amend your booking at any period up to 24 hours before your booking is scheduled to commence at no extra charge. The simplest way to amend or cancel a booking is to click here , Log into your account and go to 'Your bookings'

For a help guide on how to amend a booking please see our 'How to 'Manage your Car Park Booking' Guide.

This could be because:

- The car park is fully booked for part or all of your stay

- You do not meet the booking conditions for that product

- Discounted products are only available for certain dates and have a fixed allocation of spaces for these dates

It is unlikely that you will find no availability, however if this is the case please feel free to contact us.


If you have booked online, or by phone but asked for the confirmation to be e-mailed to you, you should have received confirmation within an hour of booking. If you do not, you should check why as soon as possible.

First check that it has not been blocked by a "spam" filter or is in your "junk" e-mail box. If it has been, please alter your settings to allow e-mails from us, otherwise you may not receive important information from us about your booking.

If you still have not received it, click here , log into your account and go to 'your bookings'. Check that you have given us the right e-mail address. If it is incorrect, re-enter your e-mail address and press confirm, then ‘resend email'. This should then send the booking confirmation to you.

If none of the above methods work please phone us, as it is essential to have either your mobile tickets or a printout available containing a QR code which can be scanned against the machine, in the event your registration is failed to be picked up correctly.

It may be that we have no record of your booking, in which case you will not be allowed to enter the car park without paying again. You will only get a refund if we are at fault, and if you have tried to contact us to put it right but we have not done so. We consider this to be fair, because unless you contact us we might not be able to tell if the booking was made in the first place.

To amend or cancel your car park booking online. You can amend all your details including car registration, payment card details and dates for your car parking at Belfast International Airport.

You can access the your bookings by clicking here, Logging into your account, going and following the onscreen options.

For a help guide on how to amend a booking please see our 'How to 'Manage your Car Park Booking' Guide

This allows the customer to view all previous car park bookings made in the last 12 months. By entering your email address and post code used when making your last booking, you will gain access to this information.


Satellite Navigation Co-ordinates - 54°39'27 N 006°12'57 W

Yes! It is essential that you amend your booking before arrival.

Entry to the car park is gained using cameras to record your car registration number; therefore, if you arrive in a different car, we cannot match its registration to the booking. Printed or mobile tickets provided in the confirmation email can also act as a method of entry for when the cameras fail to read your car registration correctly.

If you remain to have issues, please press the intercom button and be ready to state your booking reference.

On arrival

Please drive up to the entry barrier. DO NOT press for a ticket. The system will recognise your car registration and the barrier will open automatically. Simply park in a space of your convenience and make a note of where you have parked and the nearest bus stop, if applicable.

If for any reason the barrier does not automatically raise please scan either your paper or mobile ticket, received in the booking confirmation email, onto the entry machine.

If you still have an issue, please press the intercom for assistance and be ready to quote your booking reference number.

On departure

Please return to your vehicle and make your way to the exit barrier.

The barrier will raise automatically on your approach. If the barrier fails to raise or if you entered using your paper or mobile tickets, then you can scan these against the machinery for exit.

If any overstay fee is applicable this will be displayed on the exit column and can be paid by either debit card or credit card at this point.

If, for any reason the barrier does not raise, please press the intercom for assistance and be ready to quote your booking reference number

No, but all our car parks have disabled spaces for use by blue badge holders. There is a help button and assistance contact number at the entrance to every car park: please use it if you need any help.

If you hold a blue badge please visit here for more information.

No, we operate a ‘Self Park’ policy, which means you park in the space you want, and keep your own keys. No worrying about strangers taking your car out for a drive.

Yes. You do not get an allocated space, but you’ll get in somewhere. Very occasionally the car park may be full – maybe incoming flights have been delayed so more cars are in car park than we had expected, or maybe we have had to close a part of the car park to repair it. If you turn up and can't find a space, use the help button at the entrance to the car park and let us know.

If your chosen car park is full, we’ll give you a free upgrade, or, if that is not possible, put you in a cheaper car park and refund the price difference. If we are unable to do that, which is very unlikely, we’ll find you a space in another car park, and we will pay all of the parking charges for the same period that you had booked for with us. We will not though, in any circumstances, pay you any other expenses or compensation.

Yes you can indeed, motorbike parking is free and is located beside the car park enquiries office.

Some of the car parks have height restrictions, details as follows:

The short stay and Drop off zone have a height restriction of 2.1m.

The main stay has an exit restriction under the canvas roof of 3.1m but alternate exits can be implemented.

All other car parks have no restriction.

First of all, we will never sell it to anyone else. We will use it in connection with your booking. Unless you have agreed otherwise (see next point) we will delete it when we don’t need it any longer.

If you ticked the box on the booking form, we add you to our database for sending you news about Belfast International Airport, special offers, and so on, but you can "unsubscribe" at any time by clicking the link that we will be on each e-mail. We might also send you stuff through the post or to your phone, but again you can ask us not to at any time by e-mailing or writing to us (not phoning): see Contact us. ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) cameras are used to match vehicles with bookings.

Both ANPR and CCTV cameras are used for operational and security reasons, public safety, law enforcement, and for monitoring compliance with Car Park Regulations. We may, therefore, record and store, use images and data relating to you or to a vehicle. By entering a car park you consent to the capture and use of images and data for the purposes stated in this clause. We may also pass data and images to the police or third parties in connection with such purposes.

You can pay for any additional parking time on your return. Normal gate rate charges apply.

Normal gate rate charges apply for the period not included in your booking.

Please call for assistance by contacting us using the nearest help point. Also, you must not attempt to repair the vehicle yourself, or to move it. Often the car park team will be able to jump start your vehicle, however, we are unable to provide any further mechanical assistance.

You should report the matter immediately to a member of our staff and give him the registration number(s) of the vehicle(s) involved together with your full name and address, the name and address of your insurance company, and your policy number. In doing so, you are consenting to our passing this information to third parties for use in connection with the incident.

We may hold you responsible if, whilst in a car park or whilst using the transfer bus, you cause loss or damage to any person or property due to your act or negligence. Remember that you may be under a legal duty to tell the police.

You should immediately tell a member of our staff, either in person or via the help button located at each entrance and pay station. If your car is missing and they do not know what has happened to your car, tell the police and your insurance company as soon as possible.

If you think that you have a claim against us for any reason you should Contact us in writing within 7 days of discovering any loss or damage, and tell us what happened, and what it is you are claiming. If you delay doing so, it may be difficult for us to check the facts or to find out who (if anyone) is to blame, and this may affect our ability to deal with your claim.

If you have pre-booked your car parking, then there is no need to put your card details into the machines at any point (This could result in being double charged). If you have not pre-booked, then you will need to pay either by card or cash before leaving the car park at one of our payment machines located at the front of the car park nearest the terminal building.

Please Contact us if your vehicle is unusually high, long, or wide, to check that it is not too big to use your chosen car park. If it is, and you have not checked with us first, you will not get a refund. Trailers, caravans etc must not be left without the vehicle towing them: see Car Park Regulations.

Your vehicle must fit into a standard car parking space. Therefore, if you are intending to bring in any form of trailer, or large vehicle, you should Contact us first; extra charges may apply. If you take up more than one space, you will have to pay for those extra spaces, at the same rate that you would pay had you not pre-booked. These charges will be debited to the same card that you used to make your booking. You must not park so as to use up more than one marked parking space, unless you have paid to do so.

We are committed to achieving the highest standard of customer care. Should you feel unhappy about any aspect of the service you have received please email [email protected]