Car Park Refurbishment

Car Park Refurbishment

There will be minor disruption to all the car park facilities at Belfast International, from June 20th to August 8th 2016, due to a refurbishment of all equipment.

UPDATE:  'Welcome to Belfast International Airport' e-mail

On 14/07/2016 we switched our prebooking provision to improve your booking experience and many of our customers will have received an e-mail from our new prebooking provider stating this. Please be advised that this is a genuine e-mail. The prebooking provider does not use html e-mails and as a result the plain text of this e mail may make it appear like spam mail. 

We also understand that this e-mail may have caused some confusion. What the e-mail is trying to explain to you, a customer past or present of the airport, is that we have moved to a new system and when you pre book online at you will be presented with a login option which would allow you (should you wish to do so) to register and save your details which would potentially make future bookings quicker and easier to transact.

The e-mail also refers to tickets which are your booking confirmation. If you have a live booking with Belfast Airport you will receive a new booking confirmation/ticket which you can download. The ticket will also explain the new entry method for the car parks. Customer bookings are recognised at the car park by number plate recognition primarily at each car park. Customers can also use the barcode on their ticket to enter the car park. Customers should follow these instructions to access the car parks.

Customers should drive up to the entry. The barrier will lift automatically. DO NOT PRESS FOR A TICKET. If for some reason the barrier does not lift the barcode can be used to gain access. If for any reason both entry methods fail, customers are requested to press the intercom for assistance.

We appreciate that the e-mail is unclear and we are taking steps to ensure that any future communication will be capable of being understood. We apologise for any confusion and appreciate your patience during this transitional period.

 Belfast International Airport Car Park Team


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