Local Charities Benefit from Airport Outreach

The employees of Belfast International Airports, member of the VINCI Airports network, have raised £7000 for a range of local charity initiatives working to provide support for the most vulnerable in communities across Northern Ireland. The Airport team have fundraised over the last 12 months despite a challenging backdrop of Covid-19 to give back where it’s needed the most.

Charities benefiting tackle a range of issues including poverty, community response and homelessness. Other outreach includes specialised patient care, support and research for cancer patients and their loved ones and a 24 hour lifeboat crew rescue service.

Graham Keddie, Managing Director, Belfast International Airport says; “The last year has been extremely challenging for the charity sector. Due to ongoing lockdown restrictions, many have not been able to fundraise or provide support as they normally would. This fundraising illustrates the initiatives carried out by the VINCI Airports network all around the world. “These charities have special relationships with the Airport, and it is important that we continue to provide assistance at this difficult time.”

Friends of The Cancer Centre has been the Airport’s charity partner since 2019 and is a charity that many employees identify with, having received support personally or following a family member’s cancer diagnosis.

The People’s Kitchen and Christians Against Poverty normally collect lost property and other materials left at the Airport that remain unclaimed, this enables them to provide some goods for those who are struggling.

Christian Aid provides musical entertainment every year throughout December and the RNLI provides an important service for the public within proximity to the Airport.

Graham adds: “People will need assistance in a variety of ways both during and beyond the pandemic. Supporting charitable causes is an important part of our role within the wider community here. Our team is always generous in showing support through various events, although this year has been rather different. “We are delighted that we are in a position to sustain these charity partnerships so that staff can help create a positive impact in the workplace and within the wider community.”

The charities benefiting are:

• Christians Against Poverty- £1000

• Christian Aid- £500

• Friends of the CANCER Centre- £4000

• RNLI- £500

• The People’s Kitchen-£1000