Staffline Recruitment Ireland announces partnership with Belfast International Airport

Staffline Recruitment have today announced their sponsorship partnership with Belfast International Airport. Staffline Recruitment is the leading provider of Recruitment, Talent Management and HR solutions in the United Kingdom and Ireland, enabling businesses to build and develop the largest and most reliable workforce possible.

Belfast International Airport(BIA) is Northern Ireland’s Principal Airport, operating as the second largest gateway on the Island of Ireland. Currently, the Airport is achieving 45,000 passengers weekly and spearheading recovery from the Covid-19 lockdown by supporting significant business travel across the British Isles. As lockdown restrictions are eased, the Airport is increasing capacity in line with demand. 

BIA’s managingdirector  Graham Keddie commented, “We are delighted to be partnering with Staffline to launch a yearlong campaign just as people are returning to the skies. Utilising several high-impact sites across the airport, this campaign focusses on attracting the very best talent in Northern Ireland as travel resumes”

Staffline Recruitment endeavours to enable as many connections as possible for the Northern Ireland business community, as well as supporting the incredible job opportunities available through Staffline in both the UK and Ireland.

Commenting on the sponsorship, Staffline Ireland’s Chief Executive Officer Tina McKenzie said: “I am delighted to today welcome the new sponsorship partnership between Staffline Recruitment and Belfast International Airport. This partnership affords an important opportunity to advertise the wonderful employment possibilities on offer across these islands to a wide and varied audience.

It also importantly demonstrates both parties commitment to showcasing the excellent businesses which have been established in Northern Ireland and the benefits of finding employment here. Moreover, the partnership promotes the connectivity of businesses across the UK and Ireland, demonstrating the ease of travel through Belfast International Airport and practically showing that travel is no longer a barrier to finding your dream job”.