Regional Air Connectivity and APD raised with Aviation Minister

The importance of regional air connectivity and the unfair burden of Air Passenger Duty (APD) were items on the agenda during a visit by the Aviation Minister, Paul Maynard MP, to Belfast International Airport today (Mon 3rd February).

The Minister spent over an hour in discussions with airport Managing Director, Graham Keddie, Airport Consultative Committee Chairman Tom McGrath and tourism sector representative Kathryn Thomson.

Afterwards, Mr Maynard described the discussions as ‘a very informative session, underlining the importance of air connectivity to the future economic growth of Northern Ireland.”

Mr Keddie said: “We welcome the government’s current review of both regional air connectivity and Air Passenger Duty (APD).  We again made the case for the removal of APD on short-haul routes, we stressed the importance of direct, reliable, frequent services to the main GB markets for the growth of our economy and the continued development of the local tourism sector.  If the domestic share of APD was eliminated, it would give this airport, and the Northern Ireland region, the biggest economic boost.”