Live here, Love here!

26 Mar 2018

It was a rather wet Friday – not quite what we were aiming for! However, it didn’t put our team of volunteers off at all.

The road bringing our passengers through to their destinations is a busy one and, so that visitors get a good first impression of Northern Ireland, we linked with Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful and their BIG Spring Clean initiative and organised a litter pick-up on the road which runs along the front of the airport.  It’s amazing what gathers on those verges!  

Our volunteers set off, splitting into two groups and starting at either end of Airport Road, arranging to meet in the middle.

Susann Power, Operations Manager at Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful told us that “ Over 110,000 people helped tidy their local areas last year removing 141 tonnes of litter, so it’s great to see a local business such as Belfast International Airport play their part.”

Deirdre Graffin, Belfast International Airport’s Commercial Manager who was one of our volunteers said, “Our employees had suggested helping to clean the area surrounding the airport as part of our Corporate Responsibility  programme.  The airport and its environment is something we are very proud of.

“While the weather wasn’t so good, we didn’t notice it once we got into our stride.  Our team of fourteen employee volunteers gathered 22 bags containing 110lbs of rubbish– it’s hard to believe that quantity of rubbish was lying along the road.”

Any other business who would like to organise a similar event, can find out how to get help at the Live Here Love Here website

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