Airport sets record straight on flood event

23 Aug 2018

Belfast International Airport sets record straight on flood event

We have been the subject of a frenzied onslaught by certain sections of the local media over what happened during torrential rains on the 28th July.

Belfast International Airport was at the epicentre of the downpour. The Met Office at Aldergrove recorded 88.2 mm of rain on the Saturday afternoon – more than the average rainfall for the entire month of July!

The Airport advised we had ‘no comment’ to offer. We did that because behind the scenes we were working with affected customers whose cars were damaged in the deluge.

Facts, it seems, are easily crowded out by noise, as we are seeing.

Here are the facts:

  • Thirty-two vehicles in our Long Stay Car Park were affected by a month’s rain in just a few hours. It subsequently transpired that three were damaged in our Park & Fly facility.

  • All thirty-five customers – not 100 or 1,000, as has been speculated – are being compensated by us.

  • Passengers affected were provided transport home at no cost where required.

  • For ease, consistency and speed, a firm of solicitors is acting on our behalf. We are settling all costs, including the cost of vehicles that have been written off and associated costs such as car hire and insurance excess.

  • All outstanding claims will be dealt with as quickly as possible.

We will look after our customers even though extreme weather is outside our control. We could have avoided liability under Act of God clauses, but we didn’t. Instead, we acknowledged the extent of the damage that was done and moved to deliver redress to our customers.

On 28th July 2,800 cars were in our Park & Fly Car Park and three cars were damaged. In our Long Stay Car Park there were 3,754 and 32 were damaged due to the unprecedented rain.

This airport is a vital cog in the Northern Ireland economy, employing over 5,000 people on the site, and we do all we can to ensure that the range of services we offer are maintained at a consistently high level. Clearly, what occurred on the 28th July was beyond our control, but what we do control is the prompt and respectful way we deal with our customers who were so badly affected.

Our commitment is undiminished. We are sorry for what happened and are working hard to deliver outcomes that will go towards alleviating distress and disruption. No one will be out one penny because of what took place on the 28th!

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