Helping Eye Feel Good

14 Aug 2016

It certainly made our employees feel good when we recently handed over £3,204 to local charity, Eye Feel Good.

Eye Feel Good is a charity that uses physical activities to help promote mental and physical well-being. While they cover all age groups, they have a particular focus on schools and youth groups, using activities such as canoeing and surfing to lift the spirits of all involved, giving them a sense of achievement, team work and some fun, as well.

One of our employees, Mark, is no stranger to Eye Feel Good, having been a volunteer with them for some time and he decided to nominate it for the Belfast International Airport DOZ (Drop-Off-Zone) Charity for Apr-June.

Each quarter a member of staff nominates a DOZ charity. They are then tasked with fundraising during the quarter and their efforts are added to by the airport who contribution one day’s takings a month to the total.

Mark and his colleagues organised a “Guess the Destination” fundraiser in the airport, with customers and employees all taking part.  They had to use the creative talents to make paper airplanes and ‘fly’ them along a pathway showing the various destinations which can be reached from Belfast International Airport.  The person whose plane travelled furthest won. In this case it was Amy Stringer from Birmingham who is pictured receiving her prize hamper from Mark.

On finishing his fundraising Mark said: ‘Belfast International Airport is very keen to help its employees support local charities and I can’t believe that with their help we are now able to hand over such a substantial donation to Eye Feel Good. I know that the work Eye Feel Good does is much needed. Hopefully this will help them to help more people.”

Richard Fee from Eye Feel Good accepted the money saying; “We are delighted with Belfast International Airport’s donation. It will mean so much to those we help. For us, it is substantial and will enable us to bring our Mobile Climbing Wall to schools and youth clubs throughout Northern Ireland for the next year.”

The airport’s DOZ Charity for July-September is ‘Children Are Butterflies’.

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