Update: ‘Biggest Loser’ weighs in with £3,365

16 Nov 2015

Even though the ‘Biggest Loser’ competition is over, the cash continues to roll in for the deserving charity nominated by the winner.

The competition has now reached  £3,365 for the cancer charity, Myeloma UK, which is up by more than £700 since the final weigh-in. The charity, which was nominated by the winner, Operations Director, Alan Whiteside, has a connection with the airport through close friend and recently retired colleague, Ivan Warwick. 

Alan, who crossed the finishing line with a top weight-to-body-mass ratio of 10.90% and shed 9.6 kilos, paid tribute to the “totally magnificent effort” of all competitors to raise the final sum.

The marathon, 16-week event was hotly contested. The top five achieved a total weight loss of 105 lbs which will ease the pressure on escalators and lifts in the Terminal.

Alan said: “Needless to say, I’m delighted with the improved cash boost of over £700. The entire team pulled its weight, pun intended, and I know that Ivan and the charity will deeply appreciate the combined effort.

“This is a charity that makes a huge difference to people. The event was a great success and apart from the obvious health benefits, I know all of us who shed some weight and were well behaved got a lot out it.”

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