Over 100 lbs lost in ‘Biggest Loser’ competition

4 Nov 2015

Yes, it’s true! The top five people who weighed in at the end of the ‘Biggest Loser’ competition achieved a combined weight loss of 105lbs.

Emerging victorious was Operations Director, Alan Whiteside, (pictured with Joe McGuigan) who achieved the top weight-to-body-mass ratio of 10.90% and who shed 9.6 kilos. 

In second place was Martin Loughlin, Operations Department, whose ratio was 9.67% which translated into a loss of 10.8 kilos. Fiercely competitive Joe McGuigan was narrowly beaten into third spot with a 9.63% ratio but a whopping weight loss of 11.9 kilos. 

Airport Managing Director, Graham Keddie, slipped into fourth place but managed an impressive weight loss of 9.3 kilos. Andrea Ferris from Accounts was fifth with a ratio of 5.35% - a loss of 4.1 kilos.

Alan’s nominated charity was the cancer charity, Myeloma UK, which will benefit to the tune of £2,300 as a result of his sterling effort.

The marathon, 16-week event was hotly contested with the weigh-in each week closely scrutinised by the front-runners. 

“The ‘Biggest Loser’ took on a life of its own. Kilos disappeared as people gave up all the goodies they normally devour for sport. Anything with a carb was shunned. Buns, spuds, alcohol and chips all went the way of the dinosaur as low calorie options reigned supreme.  

One contestant, who didn’t want to be named, for obvious reasons, offered this view: “We felt really sorry for Graham who suffered his second major disappointment in three weeks. Scotland lost to Australia in the World Cup, and that was a real body-blow, and to cap it off, he was beaten convincingly and solidly by arch rival, Joe McGuigan. That was hard for the Scotsman to take, but he did manage to congratulate Joe, Alan, and Martin even if it was through clenched teeth.” 

The winner, Alan Whiteside, paid tribute to his defeated colleagues, and revealed how he achieved his impressive 21-pound weight loss.

“I didn’t do any exercise, which will surprise folk. All I did was radically change my diet. Portions were cut and the healthy stuff replaced the tasty, calorie-packed food that was so much a part of my diet. 

“My neck size is down one inch. Jackets are looser. The belt has moved in two inches, but I feel much better for it, and, of course, a charity close to all our hearts here, Myeloma UK, is the big winner.”

Graham declined to comment. Joe, on the record, said he wouldn’t want to rub salt into the wounds. Martin was over the moon and Andrea, who was in charge of the weigh-in, simply laughed when asked to comment on the behaviour of the men.

“They all did really well. Thankfully, it was a ‘Biggest Loser’ competition and not a jousting tournament!”

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