Inquisitive Airport Visitors ...

9 Nov 2015

Belfast International Airport is a busy place with most visitors arriving to fly off on holiday or meeting family and friends as they return home.

However, some of our visitors, numbering in the hundreds, come simply to see the airport and marvel at the different jobs that we do.  They are children from many of Northern Ireland’s schools - primary, secondary and even our universities.

The primary school children love to find out how to check-in, listen to the Air Traffic Controllers speaking to the pilots and watch from the viewing gallery as planes arrive and depart.

No tour of the airport is complete without a visit to the BIA Fire Station, where the pupils get to see the fire fighters and fire engines at work and the tour is usually completed with a chance to talk to our BIA Police, and perhaps even get to try out the police car and siren!

Lauren Deegan, Belfast International’s Public Relations Assistant,who organises the visits said: ‘The children love seeing the airport and finding out what happens.  From they arrive until they leave, they ask questions, inquisitive about what is going on around them.


“Airport employees love to see the classes coming. Everyone joins in!  Who knows, maybe at some stage, we’ll even see the children coming back to work in the aviation industry!”

Pictured above is Creggan Primary School on their airport visit.

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