Belfast ticks all the boxes (Dublin doesn’t)

18 Mar 2015

A new Belfast International advertisement aimed at countering the ‘sales pitch’ made by Dublin Airport to Northern Ireland passengers has just been unveiled.

The advert spells out why it makes more sense to fly from ‘your local airport’ rather than endure a long drive to Dublin, meet the cost of fuel, road tolls, parking and meals before you even get to check-in.

Belfast International says the intention is to spread the word that Northern Ireland’s main airport reaches seventy destinations, and means less hassle for people planning trips to Great Britain and beyond.

The airport’s Business Development Director, Uel Hoey, says: “For the majority of people in Northern Ireland and some of the southern border counties, it makes more sense to use Belfast International than trek all the way to Dublin. Our airport is conveniently located with a network that has grown steadily in recent years.

“We continue to extend our ‘reach’ to European destinations with Wizz Air commencing flights shortly to Katowice in Poland and Vilnius in Lithuania, and Jet2 expanding services to Prague and Rome. 

“Dublin has boasted about the number of passengers it attracts from Northern Ireland, and this advertisement is our way of setting the record straight. Clearly, they would like to dominate the entire island of Ireland market, but we have no intention of letting that happen. 

“We’re expanding our route network. We’re again increasing passenger numbers. And we’re here to stay. Belfast ticks all the boxes and we want to make people aware of the downside of using Dublin when their local airport can meet most, if not all, of their requirements.”

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