Holiday Countdown Checklist

19 Aug 2015

Make sure you are prepared for your summer holiday this year!

You have booked your dream summer holiday and it is fast approaching. Organising a holiday is the easy bit but organizing yourself can be the trickier part.

Our Holiday Countdown Checklist is a sure-fire way to make sure you have all the essentials and holiday extras sorted before you take off, making sure you can fully relax on the beach! Our countdown check list will help you ensure your holiday runs smoothly.

  1. Check if any of your party need visas or vaccinations for your destination. If they do, there is still enough time to apply for most visas, others you will be able to get when you arrive at the border.
  2. Start making your packing list and your “to buy” list, so that you have plenty of time to buy what you need. From your clothes to your make up and accessories – an outfit plan and list will ensure you don’t over pack and you don’t forget things you really need (like that beautiful beaded kaftan).
  3. Get a EHIC. If you are travelling to Europe make sure everyone in your party has a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). These cards are free to apply for! The EHIC will give you access to state-provided healthcare within the European Economic Area at a reduced cost, or even for free. Plus it will cover your care until you are back in the UK. Unlike a lot of holiday insurance, the EHIC will also cover pre-existing medical conditions and routine maternity care!
  4. Think about how you are getting to and from Belfast International Airport. During the peak summer months you may need to pre-book public transport tickets. If you don’t fancy lugging all your luggage on and off a bus you can pre-book Belfast International  Airport Parking. Onsite parking and Park and Fly offsite parking options are available throughout the summer.
  5. Get your spending money ready. In many banks and Post Offices you will need to pre-order different currencies, particularly if you need over £200, so now is the time to do it! You can now Click and Collectyour foreign currency at Belfast International Airport Monday - Sunday 05:30am - 07:30pm to make things easier for you.
  6. Start Googling your holiday location. It is time to start getting REALLY excited so start looking up guides online. You will usually find the main touristy things as well as slightly more “off the beaten path” ideas.
  7. Make sure you have received all the paperwork you need from your travel company. If you have booked the trip yourself, now is the time to look back through your emails to make sure you have got everything you need.
  8. Check that all your bills are up to date and pay any that may become overdue if you wait until you come back.
  9. It is time to start leaving out all of your holiday clothes and making sure everything you need to bring with you is clean and ready to go.
  10. Let your neighbours know you are going away so they can keep an eye on your house.
  11. Double check the weight restrictions on your luggage. It is better to know now what you can bring with you, than wait until you are at the airport before you have to take clothes out of your bag. It is also worth double checking what is allowed to be taken in hand luggage.
  12. Leave out everything you are going to need to take with you in your hand luggage. Your hand luggage should always include the following:
    • Passports(s)
    • Plane tickets
    • Copy of your travel insurance
    • Money (so you can enjoy something tasty to eat in Belfast International Airport and at your destination)
    • Credit cards
    • Driving license if you are going to be driving abroad
    • Book/Kindle for the flight
    • You keys if you are going to an apartment/villa
    • Hotel booking reference if you are staying at a hotel
    • Visas
  13. Drop a spare key round to someone you know and trust so that they can check on your house while you are gone.
  14. Start ironing everything you need to take away with you and start packing your clothes like a pro for your suitcase. If you pack your clothes well you can insure your clothes do not end up creased with you arrive on holidays.
  15. Double check your flight time details on your paperwork.
  16. Check online for flight delays. Watch out on Belfast International Airport’s Twitter and Facebook page for any major delays. You can also check the Live Flight Information for Belfast International Airport.
  17. Unplug all your electrical appliances (apart from the fridge and freezer).
  18. Securely lock all windows and doors.
  19. Don’t panic if you have forgotten anything. You can visit theTraveller Store, Superdrug or Aelia Duty Free for any last minute holiday essentials that may have slipped your mind.

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