Free wi-fi network wins praise from Forum Chairman

23 Apr 2015

The wi-fi in key locations inside the building keeps people connected with family, friends and business associates.

The Chairman of the Airport Forum, Tom McGrath, has said the availability of free wi-fi in the Terminal is a boost for both holiday and business passengers.

Mr McGrath said: “Wi-fi is the ‘highway’ that enables all of us to stay in touch. If there’s a deal to close or a contract to check, then the business traveller has to be able to access their email or source information even though they’re on the move.

“Wi-fi is an essential tool for business – a must-have enabler. With it, we can sit with a coffee airside and work until it’s time to go to the departure gate. Thousands of business passengers pass through the International Airport every month and this piece of technological empowerment will make a huge difference to them.

“The airport is to be applauded for this investment. The wi-fi is not sponsored by any outside business or financial institution; it’s something the airport has done on its own initiative, so well done to all concerned.”


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