Belfast International Airport is owned and operated by Airports Worldwide

Airports Worldwide is a privately-held, multi-national company with a proven track record of successful investment, development and operation of airports. The company’s operations span the globe, with headquarters in Houston, an office in the Philippines and operations in the United States, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Northern Ireland and Sweden.

It brings together the operational DNA and technical resources of the Houston Airport System (HAS), the fourth largest airport system in the U.S. and sixth largest in the world, serving more than 35 million passengers annually, and the financial strength of the Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System ("OMERS"), one of Canada's largest pension plans. For more information click here.

About OMERS Infrastructure Management Inc.

AIRPORTS WORLDWIDE is majority owned by OMERS through OMERS Infrastructure Management Inc. As the pension plan’s strategic investment arm, OMERS, "first mover" operating and investment platforms. It develops long-term direct relationships and capital partnerships (co-invest and capital raise) globally to invest in new sectors and new markets, and to provide investment opportunities for the benefit of the core investment activities of the pension plan. Additional information can be found at www.omers.com.

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