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Last Updated: 14/08/2020 14:49:04

Airline From Flight No. Scheduled Status
Edinburgh EZY486 14:35 ARRIVED
Manchester EZY139 14:50 ARRIVED
London Luton EZY183 15:00 LANDED
London Gatwick EZY835 15:55 ESTIMATED 15:31
Glasgow EZY466 16:20 ESTIMATED 16:11
Birmingham EZY194 16:40 ESTIMATED 16:34
Airline To Flight No. Scheduled Status
Newcastle EZY556 15:00 FINAL CALL
Edinburgh EZY487 15:05 FINAL CALL
Manchester EZY136 15:20 CHECK-IN CLOSED
London Luton EZY184 15:30 CHECK-IN OPEN
London Gatwick EZY836 16:25 CHECK-IN OPEN
Glasgow EZY465 16:50 CHECK-IN OPEN

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