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Published: 22 July 2011

Superdrug is the UK's most fashion conscious beauty and health retailer. We have over 900 stores throughout the UK and Ireland.

Our purpose is to be the best in everyday accessible beauty and are committed to bringing innovation and the latest styles and trends to every high street in the UK and Southern Ireland at fantastic prices. From Superdrug Own Brand labels such as Solait suncare, Optimum skincare, our Essentials brand and exclusive cosmetics brands such as GOSH, Bloom and Famous together with landing branded launches first on the high street from L’Oreal’s limited edition Cheryl hairspray to the latest Maybelline mascara launch our customers can be reassured that we are committed to bringing new and beautiful brands to our customers exclusively and faster than our competition, securing exclusives ahead of any other UK retailer.

Visit Superdrug in departures to stock up on all your holiday and travel essentials.

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