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Belfast International Joins MTV ‘Chorus’

Published: 02 March 2011

Congratulations Belfast

Belfast International Joins MTV ‘Chorus’

Belfast International Airport has joined the ‘chorus’ of welcome for the decision to bring the MTV European Music Awards to Belfast.

The airport, Northern Ireland’s principal ‘gateway’, says the boost will be phenomenal.

Uel Hoey, BIA Business Development Director, said: “Millions will watch this stunning event worldwide, placing Northern Ireland at the forefront of the drive to boost tourism.

“Thousands more will fly into Northern Ireland to both make the event happen and attend this truly global extravaganza.

“Never before has the importance of direct access to Northern Ireland been more important. It is central to the event and to our overall regional economic well-bring that we utilise our available resources effectively and re-double our efforts to bring in new carriers and encourage existing ones to expand their reach.

“The immediate benefit for the economy is estimated to be £40 million but looking ahead, the Music Awards could help us unlock a phenomenal global potential.

“Belfast International Airport pledges its wholehearted support for this venture. It shows what can be done and those responsible for securing the gig of all gigs deserve our wholehearted congratulations”.

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