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International takes eleven Dublin diversions

Published: 18 April 2013

Belfast International has taken a total of eleven aircraft diversions from Dublin Airport because of heavy overnight winds.

 Three Aer Lingus, five Ryanair and one British Airways  opted for Belfast as winds caused havoc in Dublin.

An Aer Lingus flight from Copenhagen landed in Belfast, re-fuelled and tried to complete the journey to Dublin but had to be diverted a second time to Belfast.

Belfast Operations Director, Alan Whiteside, said the airport was more than capable of handling the eleven diversions, the most the airport has had in any one night so far this year.

Mr Whiteside said: “We’ve been the airport of choice for diversions not just in Northern Ireland but across the entire island.

“We operate a 24-hour a-day airport and have the personnel, space and capacity to accommodate airlines if they have to seek shelter from inclement weather.

“Our scheduled services continued as normal as we found space on our apron for the eleven aircraft.

“In total, we dealt with well over 1,000 passengers who weren’t able to complete their journey to Dublin from GB and mainland European airports”.


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