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BIA supporting Children and Families in Northern Ireland

Published: 02 February 2012

Belfast International Airport is the official sponsor of the ‘Large Visitor Attraction of the Year Category’ in the inaugural Ni4kids Family Awards which will take place on Friday 11th May 2012.

The Ni4kids Family Awards have been created to celebrate and recognise individuals and organisations who support and go above and beyond for families with younger children in Northern Ireland. This will be a unique event for 2012 celebrating family life in Northern Ireland and the individuals and organisations that put families first. 

BIA Business Development Director, Uel Hoey said, "Belfast International Airport believes it has a responsibility to be sensitive to the needs of the local community including its customers, employees, suppliers and local community organisations.  We believe in the importance of forming partnerships to ensure that we meet our corporate, social and environmental responsibilities.   

Belfast International Airport believes in investing in the future and that means reaching out to a wide audience to explain what we do and how it affects society as a whole.

 As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility programme, we have linked with educational bodies, showing young people the range of occupations and people employed at the airport and how education is important to the aviation sector. 

 Throughout the year, we support local animal welfare organisations and charities enable many young people to see the airport at close hand for the very first time.  They see importance of travel, the connection with other countries and the jobs and economic benefits that come from supporting an airport.

 Belfast International Airport is delighted to be partnering Ni4kids Family Awards.  It is an ideal way to bring the airport into contact with the lives of families in Northern Ireland.The experience of coming to the International Airport for the first time to see ‘the big planes’ and to depart on a family holiday provides a life-long memory for children all across Northern Ireland. These children are our customers for decades to come. It is an honour for the airport to be supporting them in their development.”

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