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Airport launches new international route to Iceland

Published: 25 November 2010

Reykjavik latest destination offered at Belfast International Airport

BELFAST International Airport today announces the launch of new services from Reykjavik, Iceland, to be operated by Iceland Express for summer 2011.
All mums can now literally go to Iceland from Northern Ireland with a new route beginning in June next year.

Belfast will become the major gateway for Icelandic tourists to enter the island of Ireland delivering a welcome boost to tourist numbers and much-needed revenues!
Belfast International Airport Business Development Director, Uel Hoey, said: "As a committed and integral supporter of NI plc, our priority is to invest in the provision of new and vital direct access channels from key source markets. The aim should always be to develop the market, not simply splinter or replicate services to the detriment of the local economy.
"We are not in the business of simply re-arranging the existing business in the market with the aim of satisfying some short term objectives. We continue to strive to have the broad regional objectives of our business recognised and supported by Northern Ireland's policy-makers."

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