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Belfast International Airport statement following BA announcement

Published: 02 July 2012

John Doran, Managing Director, Belfast International Airport, said: “Belfast International Airport is pleased to welcome BA’s re-entry into the market and renewed commitment to services into their Heathrow network from Northern Ireland, following their recent takeover of bmi.

Worldwide access via London Heathrow remains essential to the community and businesses in the Province as we seek to build future social and economic prosperity.

It is equally essential that competitive Heathrow services are safeguarded from Belfast International Airport.

Belfast International helped inject competition into the market by attracting a rival to the sole Heathrow provider, bmi, in 2007.  Operating from Belfast International, Aer Lingus has carved out a sizable segment of the market  and provided choice for the consumer. Competitive air services operating from both airports to Heathrow are the best option for the traveller. To that end, Northern Ireland must do everything it can to protect maximum Heathrow access from both airports as we seek to play a full role in re-building the regional economy”.

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