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Airport countdown begins to G8

Published: 16 June 2013

G8 summit at Co Fermanagh

Belfast International Airport is expecting an unprecedented level of activity as the countdown begins to the G8 Summit in Co Fermanagh.

The G8 Summit is the single most important event in the 50 years the International Airport has been in operation. 

Belfast International Airport Managing Director, John Doran, said: "In the past, the airport has accommodated royalty and US Presidents, but this is the first time so many world leaders will use the facility at the same time.

"Just as the G8 is an opportunity to show the world what Northern Ireland has to offer, so too is it an occasion to promote the airport and its many strengths.

"There's always a great buzz about the airport, but the G8 has given it a multiplier of ten. There's a great sense of expectation and, from an airport standpoint, a readiness to meet the exacting needs of our visitors and, of course, a pride in our ability to deliver.

"We have the space and the capability to accommodate some of the largest and most modern aircraft in the world and this global event clearly demonstrate the importance of international connectivity and the role we perform in the wider economy. 

"Without Belfast International Airport, access to the wider world would be a lot more difficult for people, and the region would be a lot less attractive for inward investors. 

"We will warmly welcome the leaders and their delegations and wish them well in their deliberations."

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