Belfast International Airport

Corporate Social Responsibility

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Belfast International Airport recognises their responsibility to be sensitive to the needs of all those influenced by, or with influence on, company decisions and business operations.  This group includes but is not limited to employees, customers, suppliers, regulators, community organisations, the local neighbourhoods and investors. 

Accepting corporate, social and environmental responsibilities and contributing in the ways that Belfast International Airport can, make good business sense. Business cannot deliver every solution, and companies can rarely act alone. Partnerships are vital, and almost all our contributions will involve working constructively with a wide range of groups as highlighted above.

Belfast International Airport understands that CSR goes beyond charity and there is a requirement to take into account the impact of core business decisions on both those impacted by the company and the environment, while balancing the need to run a profitable business.

CSR Principles

By developing a policy for CSR we intend to formalise this commitment to operating in an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable way that is sensitive to the needs of those impacted by the business.

We will target our activity on six key areas:

Workplace and Employees

  • Employee opinion survey - demonstrates the company are committed to creating an environment where employees at all levels feel that they can speak honestly about the company and issues of importance to them - commit to discussing outcomes at senior management level and develop actions on the back of the research.
  • Occupational Health and Safety policies - commit to improving safety in the workplace - develop incentive awards to encourage employee participation
  • Value and develop employees


  • Safety - commit to providing safe environment in relation to security & premises.


  • Business partners should have the opportunity to benefit from their relationship with the company.
  • Effective to organisation in terms of cost, standards, practices and policies towards corporate responsibility.


  • As corporate members of society, the company should be allowed to advocate their views to regulators when they are formulating public policies that affect the business and its stakeholders.
  • Build relationships, trust and confidence. 

Community/Social Involvement i.e.

  • Corporate Social Investment which is defined as any voluntary activity in cash or in kind, beyond commercial and legal contributions, that contributes to the economic, social and environmental sustainability of the local community.
  • Participate in community initiatives and challenges - targeted to focus on activities that aim to enrich public and community life and projects that focus on giving people within the local community the training, education and opportunities to help them develop.

Environmental Impact i.e.

  • Aim to reduce water, energy and materials use, to reduce waste and increase recycling, to reduce airport CO2 emissions - audit, set targets.
  • Transparent public reporting against ISO 14001 standard.
  • Volunteer time and people

Educational Activity

Belfast International Airport recognises the importance of establishing and maintaining links with local schools and colleges. 

We will therefore develop programmes with individual schools and colleges to suit their educational needs.  This will include but is not limited to the following:

  • Tours / presentation on site at the airport
  • Presentations or case studies with secondary schools / further education colleges
  • Presentations to local interest groups
  • Work experience*

*Work experience at Belfast International Airport is facilitated by Charter work experience who organise work placements for many different organisations.  Should you be interested in the opportunity to complete a week's work experience at Belfast International Airport please contact Charter on: +44 (0)28 9045 1444.