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Security regulations

Security bag
Hand Baggage

The Department for Transport has set the maximum size for an item of hand baggage as 56cm x 45cm x 25cm, including wheels, handles and external pockets. However, some airlines may only allow smaller bags, so check with them first.

Airlines may also have their own rules regarding the number of bags you are allowed to take on the aircraft therefore please check with you airline before you travel.

Liquids Restrictions

Security restrictions also remain in place with regards to taking liquids, gels or pastes through security. If you do not need these items in your hand luggage then please place into your hold baggage:

Passengers may take liquids,gels or pastes on board in their hand luggage provided they meet the following restrictions:

  1. The liquid is in a container with a maximum volume of 100ml
  2. That all liquid containers, meeting the maximum volume of 100ml, can fit comfortably into a transparent, resealable 1 litre plastic bag.
The plastic bag should be presented separately at the x-ray point.

Liquid medicines, baby milk and related products adequate for the flight can still be taken on board as can one musical instrument in its case.

IMPORTANT: Liquid medicines, baby milk and related products in containers of a maximum volume of 100ml MUST be held within the 1 litre bag! Liquid medicines, baby milk and related products in containers greater than 100ml, but considered necessary for the trip, can be placed in hand luggage BUT will be subject to a separate verification process.

Liquids in containers of more than 100ml capacity can be packed into your checked (hold) baggage.

Bags are available from vending machines within the Airport and cost £1 for 2 bags.

Body Scanners

Body Scanners are in place at the airport. For more information click here

Further Passenger information

Pushchairs and walking aids will be x-ray screened.

Wheelchairs are permitted but will be thoroughly searched.

Please visit the Department For Transport website for more information on hand baggage rules.

Enhanced Security Measures

Passengers on some routes into and out of the UK may now also be required to show that electronic devices in their hand luggage are powered up or face not being allowed to bring the device onto the aircraft.

Passengers flying into or out of the UK are therefore advised to make sure electronic devices being carried in their hand luggage are charged before they travel.

Passengers are advised to check the Department for Transport website for latest information on baggage restrictions and also with their airline


BIAC Police Charter

Belfast International Airport Constabulary Service charter. 

This charter tells you the standards of service we will provide should you need our assistance

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