Belfast International Airport

Meeting and Greeting

Drop Off and Pick Up Zone

All drivers picking up or dropping off at the airport should follow the signs for Picking up / Dropping off

The following options are available:

Drop Off Zone 

£1 for 10 minutes in the drop off zone - directly adjacent to the terminal building

Payment is made using the coin bin/card machine on exit.

Cars must not be left unattended at any time.

For those wanting to spend extra time with their passengers before departure

Short Stay Car Park

0 - 15 minutes £1

15 min - 30 mins  £2.00

30 mins - 2 hours £3.50

Main Stay Car Park

0 - 30 mins £1.50

30 mins - 1 hour  £3.00

A 15 minute grace period also exists in the airport long stay car park for those wishing to drop off or pick up passengers.

 A plan of the drop off zone is available below

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