Belfast International Airport
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ToFromTo and from the airport
To and From the Airport
Travel information for reaching Belfast International AirportFind out more
ParkingCar parking
Car Parking
Information on parking at Belfast International AirportFind out more
InTerminalIn the terminal
Find information about all the facilities at the airportFind out more
The latest information about what is allowed to be taken in your luggageFind out more
EatDrinkEating and drinking
Eating and Drinking
See our wide range of delicious food and drinks available in the terminalFind out more
Why not browse our range of retail outlets before your flightFind out more
DisabilitySpecial Assistance
Terminal facilities designed with less able passengers in mind.Find out more

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Ensure devices are charged before you travel as you may need to power up for security checks.

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2/2 the issue and investigating to ensure there is no reoccurrence.